Adopt an Angel

Adopt an Angel hosted by The Rotary Club of Summit County

Help us brighten the holidays for local families through the Rotary Club of Summit County. The Rotary Club is accepting and distributing gifts this year and FIRC is registering families for the program. The Adopt an Angel program provides gifts for children whose parents are struggling to provide items for Christmas. Due to COVID restrictions, Rotary is asking for donations of new toys, books, jackets, clothing and sports equipment to be given to registered families during the holidays.
Donations can be made through Summit County Rotary. To help register a family, call: 970.262.3888. THANK YOU!!!

In Need of Gifts

The holidays are difficult for many families.

    • If you are struggling with finances and unable to give your children gifts this holiday season, please contact FIRC and make an appointment. We would be happy to talk to you and discuss Adopt an Angel and any other issues affecting your stability. Please call 970-262-3888.
    • People receiving gifts MUST BE SIGNED UP BY NOVEMBER 30 in order to receive gifts.
    • Donate to Adopt an Angel

      Adopt an Angel is being sponsored this year by Summit County Rotary. Visit: for donation information. Thank you!