Foreclosure Counseling

FIRC is Official HUD Certified Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Site

From repayment plans to minimizing financial loss, FIRC can help

Foreclosure counseling is a service offered by FIRC to homeowners in Summit and surrounding counties who are in danger of losing their primary residences due to foreclosure.

FIRC’s Foreclosure Counselors can help homeowners explore options such as:

  • repayment plans
  • loan modifications
  • refinancing through their mortgage company to prevent foreclosure

Our goal is to help you return to housing stability. While it is hoped that homeowners will stay in their homes, in some cases this is not possible. In these cases Foreclosure Counselors can help homeowners explore options for minimizing the financial loss incurred through foreclosure, and with the transition to new housing.

How do I apply for services from the FIRC Foreclosure Counseling Program?

Before we ask you to complete a full application, we will complete an intake with you to ensure that yours is a situation in which we are able to help. In some cases it may be more appropriate for us to refer you to another organization. Call Michel at FIRC 970-455-0232 or email



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