How to make the most of your insurance plan

Tips on how to maximize your health insurance coverage

Follow these steps to ensure you keep your insurance and use it to the fullest

  • Pay your monthly premium on time
    • 90 day grace period for those with APTC
    • 30 day grace period for those paying full price
  • Keep your Health Insurance Card handy
  • Know your plan and costs (see attached doc)
  • Shop around for cheaper services
  • Use In-Network Providers
  • Choose a Primary Care Physician, Urgent Care Center, and Hospital- save yourself time for when you are ill and need to use it in a hurry
  • Review your bills (40%-80% bills contain mistakes –

What FREE preventative healthcare services are available with my health insurance plan?

You must go to in-network for these free services.  Obtaining your free, preventative health care services is a great way to develop a relationship with a Primary Care Physician.  Then you’ll have someone to call if you get sick!