Mental Health Navigation

FIRC’s English and Spanish speaking Mental Health Navigators can help you access mental health supports and understand the challenges of a complicated system.

Reasons people work with FIRC’s Mental Health Navigators:

  • Navigators are easy to talk to, friendly and great!
  • Confused by the health insurance system
  • Struggling to find mental health support
  • Need support or therapy for their children
  • Lost their benefits

How it Works

Please call for a virtual appointment 970-262-2888

Make an appointment

If you need help accessing mental health support or navigating the system we can help. Call 970-262-3888 or make an appointment online.

Meet your Health Navigator

Have a virtual appointment with your Mental Health Navigator to discuss your situation.

Connection to Care

We will help you determine what steps and connections are available.

Follow Up

Check-in with your Health Navigator on progress and connection to needed resources.

Building Hope Summit County

Building Hope provides a variety of mental health supports including activities to build connections. Learn more on their site.