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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

We want to empower you and help you find the right support for your physical and mental health care. We understand that finding the right resources can be frustrating and challenging. Our Health Navigators can help break down barriers and guide you to the care that you need, whether it is health insurance, mental health support or a peer support program.

Mental Health Navigation

FIRC’s Mental Health Navigation program will be pausing on taking English-speaking referrals until further notice, will only be taking Spanish-speaking referrals at this moment. 

Our Navigators can help you find and access mental health supports. They understand the challenges of navigating a complicated system. We offer simple navigation and resource and referral, to get you connected to the support you need. If are a spanish-speaking person and would like to make an appointment with a Mental Health Navigator, call 970-262-3888 or complete an interest form below.

We do NOT provide counseling or therapy, but do help to:

  • Find a therapist
  • Assist with the cost of therapy and prescriptions
  • Access drug or alcohol treatment
  • Find community resources and support groups
  • Facilitate communication between mental health providers
  • Connections to support

Mental Health Referral Form

Mental health resources for English-speakers 

English speakers in Summit County will be supported with referral services from Building Hope. Fill out the form below to get connected with Building Hope.


Other Resources:

Vail Health Behavioral Health:  This is a resource for case management and on-going support

Phone: 970.422.3029 OR Email:

Mile High Behavioral Health: This is a resource to access case management, peer support, group support, and individual therapy

Phone: 970.485.6676 OR Email:



ALMA Peer Support for Latino Women

What is stronger than a woman? A woman united with other women. If you are a Latina woman in Summit County, you are invited to be a part of ALMA (Amigas Latinas Motivando el Alma).

ALMA provides an alternative for support and conversation. The program hosts monthly group sessions and then pairs women with a peer mentor, a companera, who has faced similar challenges and completed the program. You will learn strategies to relieve stress, take care of yourself, and how to achieve your goals in a confidential environment.

The free ALMA program can give you the encouragement and empowerment to help you make changes. The program is in Spanish and currently offered virtually via Zoom. Please watch the video for more information.

If you are interested in enrolling contact FIRC at 970-262-3888, Cecilia Martinez at    970-409-2890, or fill out the ACCION form below.

ALMA Enrollment Form

ACCION Peer Support for Latino Men

As men you also carry obligations and mandates that society has imposed on you, which you must fulfill in order to be recognized as a “real man”. Accion is a safe, confidential, and judgement free  space where you will visualize these societal pressures that generate discomfort, and get the support you need to be able to put them aside little by little. Benefiting you and those around you. 

This support group is a way for men to talk collectively, and work on managing emotions. Especially those that bring discomfort and difficulties in their relationships. Together you will learn strategies to relieve stress, take care of yourself, and achieve goals.

The program is completely FREE and hosts monthly group sessions on the last Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm. The program is in Spanish and is offered in person at FIRC in Silverthorne or virtually through Zoom. 

If you are interested in enrolling contact FIRC at 970-262-3888, Cecilia Martinez at   970-409-2890, or fill out the ACCION form below.

ACCION Enrollment Form


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