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sol center at alta verde

Sol Center at Alta Verde

Building Rendering

The proposal is to build an approximately 18,000 square foot building to house a Community Food Market, Thrift Store, and FIRC and Building Hope offices.

The building will provide an all-encompassing, all-inclusive site for community members to access wrap-around services they need to manage the challenges of living in Summit County. Together, FIRC and Building Hope will be able to increase coordination, collaboratively problem solve, streamline processes to address gaps in services, and share insights around emerging community needs.

Helping Our Community Thrive

The high cost of living makes Summit County a difficult place to live. FIRC & Building Hope empower people through education and support to help them manage the challenges of housing, parenting, mental health & healthcare so our community can thrive.

  • For our clients: seamless, equitable access to resources and opportunities
  • For our nonprofits: enhanced efficiencies and cross-collaboration
  • For our community: strengthen summit county’s workforce

Organization's Missions

Family & Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) promotes stable families.
Building Hope is a community-wide initiative designed to create a more coordinated, effective and responsive mental health system that promotes emotional health, reduces stigma and improves access to care and support for everyone in Summit County. For more information about Building Hope, click here.

Family Parenting Together

The Need

With the pandemic came a drastic rise in demand for food, housing, and mental health services. The current need for these key services remains far higher than pre-COVID. The pandemic also shifted the way that both agencies offered services and many clients now prefer the convenience of a phone or virtual appointment, in addition to in-person visits. These changes reduce the need for transportation and childcare while offering flexibility for working families.

Clients seeking assistance often need a variety of supports. The two agencies offer complementary services giving clients the foundation they need to thrive. FIRC and Building Hope are committed to meeting the community’s most pressing needs and together, will make a more meaningful impact.

The Opportunity

Building Hope and FIRC are long standing partners with the Town of Breckenridge and share values of equity, inclusiveness, and community-centered philosophy. In the summer of 2021, the Town of Breckenridge decided to dedicate part of the McCain parcel to workforce housing and a nonprofit campus. Discussions with FIRC and Building Hope’s Boards of Directors made it clear that FIRC had the resources, through the sale of current buildings, to contribute significant financing towards the project. In addition to the Town of Breckenridge’s generous donation of a 75-year land lease, the in-kind services of Allen-Guerra Architecture, Rockridge Building Company, Jack Wolfe and Interiors by Design make the project possible.


The building site will be adjacent to the Alta Verde workforce neighborhood with over 250 new rental units, half of which will be designated for people earning low incomes. The site is located along a free bus line and will be ADA accessible. Two-thirds of FIRC clients live or work on the south side of the county and the Town of Breckenridge has pledged $50M to an ambitious workforce housing plan to build 900 additional units. 

The Building

Total building is 18,000 square feet (sf) and will house:

  • 1,830 sf Food Market
  • 2,450 sf Thrift and Treasure Store
  • 7,130 sf office, conference, and meeting space*
  • 3,000 sf basement and storage area

*Partner organizations will be invited to share the space and offer services to clients

Project Cost

Estimated cost = $10.8M      Fundraising goal = $4.8M

  • Community partners are providing over $3 million in in-kind donations for the building
  • Through the sale of properties and cash reserves, FIRC will contribute $3.2 million dollars
    • FIRC has four buildings located in Breckenridge, Silverthorne and Dillon. One of these buildings is leased, two have mortgages and one is owned outright. A centralized building will alleviate multiple investments, and allow donations to be applied more fully to client support
    • FIRC is working with the Town of Silverthorne and Town of Dillon to identify a location for a Food Market and offices on the North side of the County.

How to Contribute

Services provided by FIRC and Building Hope are designed to support our community. Your donations give us hope and strength which we will pass along to our neighbors who need it the most. We are grateful.

Checks: please make payable to FIRC and specify “capital campaign” in the memo field, Mailing address: PO Box 1636, Silverthorne, CO 80498. FIRC’s Taxpayer EIN: 84-1252900

Capital campaign credit card donation form


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