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Supportive Services

Supportive Services focus on helping people overcome the challenges caused by the high cost of living in Summit County. The purpose of our programs is to assist you with setting goals, one-on-one budgeting, and establishing connections to community resources. We provide education and support to ensure your families’ basic needs are met to help you thrive. 


Rental and Mortgage Assistance Programs

The Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP) – COVID 19

EHAP provides emergency rent and mortgage payments for Colorado residents financially impacted by COVID-19 on or after March 1, 2020. FIRC is assisting renters or homeowners who live or work in Summit County who have been affected by COVID-19 through a partnership program with DOLA (Colorado Division of Local Affairs). 

The application is online, and you will be directed to the Department of Labor Affairs’ Emergency Housing Assistance Program website. To start an assistance application, please visit: https://portal.neighborlysoftware.com/coehap/participant

For full program details click here.

Traditional Family Support Program

Our traditional family support program (pre-COVID) is available. Please call FIRC at 970-262-3888 to start your traditional application. All appointments are completed over the phone.

The program prioritizes clients that are most in need by considering the following criteria:

  • Lived or worked in Summit County for at least 6 months
  • Dependent Children living in the home
  • Single-parent household
  • At least one family member with an ongoing chronic or physical/mental health condition
  • Insufficient funds to cover basic needs such as food and rent
  • Received an eviction threat or notice from landlord
  • Age 50+

In order to be considered for traditional assistance you need to have:

  1. Lease with your name
  2. Photo ID
  3. Your last paystub

Please note that prior to assistance, FIRC will communicate with your landlord to advocate on your behalf. 

If you do not live or work in Summit County and need rental/housing assistance, visit: DOLA 

Family Goal-Setting

The purpose of the program is to assist you with setting goals, one-on-one budgeting, and establishing connections to community resources. We provide support to ensure your families basic needs of housing, health and food are met, while also addressing the larger issues that prevent long-term stability. To make an appointment call: 970-262-3888.

Energy & Utility Assistance

LEAP (Colorado Low-income Energy Assistance Program) is available for low income households. Eligible LEAP participants experiencing a heat emergency, such as running out of propane, natural gas shut offs or failing heating systems may be eligible for expedited processing of their application. Visit the LEAP website to learn more or call 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435).

Medical and Dental Assistance

FIRC can help those experiencing financial hardship by providing a one time payment for medications, medical supplies, preventive medical procedure or to access needed care.

The assistance will not pay medical bills already accrued or past due. Applicants will be connected with a FIRC staff member to provide wrap-around supports within 5 business days (please note our offices are closed on Fridays). Requests will be processed daily.

  • You must live or work in Summit County.
  • Verification of financial hardship required.
  • Verification of expense required.
  • Medical need must be part of urgent or necessary care.


Requests considered for:

  • Prescriptions
  • Medical supplies
  • Oxygen or oxygen concentrator rental
  • Medical appointments
  • X-rays or scans
  • Vision requests or glasses
  • Dental requests or emergencies
  • Other requests (such as surgeries) or any request greater than $1000 considered on a case-by-case basis and will require an appointment with a Family Support Coordinator


Referral and application process:

For questions and requests under $1000 contact Kelly McGann: 970-455-0239 or kellym@summitfirc.org.

For questions and requests over $1000 contact Michel Infante: 970-455-0232 or micheli@summitfirc.org

Partner organizations are welcome to refer a person/family by completing the following application. Individuals may also fill out the form.


FIRC partners with nonprofits, local and state government programs and other organizations and businesses. If there is a need for a service that FIRC does not provide, we will do our best to help you locate assistance elsewhere through referral and advocacy. For assistance, call FIRC: 970-262-3888.

Adult 55+ Services

The Summit County Community and Senior Center offers a wide variety of services for local seniors, including assistance with health-related needs and legal services. Visit their website or call: 970-668-2940 to learn more. 


DACA Application Assistance is available through Mountain Dreamers. Call 920-659-6989 or email: peterbakken@mountaindreamers.com. DACA status allows you to work legally, obtain a Colorado Driver’s License, receive in-state tuition, and receive a social security number. 

Immigration resources and information:


How Supportive Services Works

Support Services Slide 1
Step #1 - Call For Appointment
Call us at (970) 262-3888 Monday through Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to schedule an appointment with one of our Family Support Coordinators.
Support Services Slide 2
Step #2 - Let's Talk
Meet with a Family Support Coordinator to discuss your situation. Due to COVID-19 this can be done by phone or virtually.
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Step #3 - Determine a Plan
Focusing on your strengths, we will set goals and determine a plan of action! By the end of the consultation you will have a clear path out of your situation.
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Step #4 - Follow-Up
Your Family Support Coordinator will follow up on your progress by contacting you and help you decide the next steps that are best for you.

Common Reasons Support May Be Needed

Loss of Job or Hours at Work

Accident or Injury

Divorce or Separation

Housing Challenges

Unexpected Emergencies

Pandemics Like COVID-19

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