[:en]Adopt an Angel Referral Form

Thank you for helping us serve Summit County families.

Adopt an angel will be held on Tuesday, December 11 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Silverthorne Pavilion. Once all of the families are signed up FIRC will determine their time to come in and pick up gifts. People who cannot come during their assigned time will have the option of coming between 5-6 p.m. FIRC will send out a text to the family directly indicating their time.

We ask that partners stay within the number of families allocated to them to help us serve the families who cannot afford gifts outside of Adopt an Angel.


Purpose of Adopt an Angel

The Adopt an Angel program was started to make sure every child in Summit County has a gift to open during the holidays. Over the years, we have seen many families using Adopt an Angel that also go and buy additional gifts because they can afford it. We need your help to make sure only the families with the biggest financial challenges receive our support.

Determine how to fill your spots

Each agency is given a certain amount of spots to fill for Adopt an Angel. Determine what families you think have two or more of the risk factors listed below. Those who have two or more factors will probably be good candidates for Adopt an Angel.

Meet with the Family and submit forms by November 12

Make sure the family wants to be part of Adopt an Angel. Fill out the online Adopt an Angel form with the family and submit it to FIRC. Forms submitted to FIRC will be admitted into the program.

Family Picks up Gifts on December 11

FIRC will send out a text message to all families submitted by partners on November 19 and again on December 10 with the time slot allotted to the family. The family should come to the Silverthorne Pavilion on December 11 at their assigned time slot or between 5-6 p.m. if they can’t come earlier.
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