COVID Response

Working to keep Summit County Intact

The economic effects of COVID have affected two-thirds of Summit County’s workforce. People are struggling to afford the high cost of living as hours and jobs in the tourism industry have been cut. FIRC is providing the basic needs of food, housing and clothing assistance along with access to mental health and medical care. The following reports give you a glimpse of how our nonprofit has responded to the changing needs of our community and what we are doing to keep Summit County intact.

FIRC Comparison Report

  • Donors have allowed us to respond to the historic demands during the Safe at Home and Safer at Home restrictions of COVID. Learn more about how our programs have responded in the Comparison Report. item

Over 17,000 services in 3 months

The following report explains the FIRC’s response to the Safe at Home restriction when most businesses and short-term rentals were closed due to the onset of COVID-19.

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