You take care of everyone else, but do you take care of yourself?

FIRC’s ALMA (Amigas Latinas Motivando el Alma) peer-support program is for Latino and Hispanic women who are going through hard times by pairing them with other
women who have faced similar challenges and who understand. This program is free and is offered virtually on Zoom.

If you are sad, lonely, worried, stressed or struggling with self-esteem, the ALMA Program could give you the support and empowerment to help you make changes.

Ways we can help:

  • Understanding and support
  • Strategies and techniques to make changes
  • Option if therapy isn’t the right fit
  • One-on-one support in your home or comfortable space to listen and offer company
  • Set goals and build resilience
  • Build friendships

Common situations Latino and Hispanic women face in Summit County that can benefit from the ALMA program:

  • Feel isolated and lonely
  • Immigrants struggling to adjust to a new community and missing family and friends
  • Tried talking with a therapist but would rather talk with people who have been through similar experiences
  • Need support and conversation

How it Works

Contact FIRC to setup the initial meeting for the ALMA program.
ALMA companera will contact you to setup virtual meetings.
During your meeting the two of you can discuss challenges you are facing and ways you can improve your situation.
The companera can visit you several times a month up to six months. The two of you can work on goals together around emotional support.