The Mamacitas group meets twice a month and helps Latino women create friendships and empowers them with knowledge on topics from self-defense to dancing to preventing dangerous situations for their children.

Summit County can be very isolating for parents and a very difficult place to raise a family. Mamacitas helps participants realize they’re not alone. Many of the women who attend the Mamacitas group come from a country were women are considered the lesser. Women are often uneducated, illiterate and unable to speak English. Many were married at a very young age and trying to learn how to be a mother as they themselves, continue to grow up.

Empowerment and connection are the main goals of the Mamacitas group. The group helps women realize their strengths and connects them to resources so they can achieve their goals; like reading, speaking English or driving. It has become an outlet to discuss the stresses of marriage, motherhood and adapting to American culture. Participants can look to each other for support and advice. The group also integrates situations happening in Summit County, such as suicide and child safety, as topics for the group so they can find their own solutions to preventing it from happening again. Mamacitas helps women realize Summit County is their home and encourages them to be active and contributing citizens of our community.

Thanks to the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, for giving Spanish-speaking women a safe environment to talk about parenting and social issues