Parenting Groups:


FIRC is working to provide fathers with the tools to be the best dad they can be for their children by offering educational and social opportunities. The following are programs offered specifically for fathers.

Daddy Boot Camp
When men who face the same challenges come together a reliable and trustworthy environment is created, which develops a sense of solidarity that allows us to speak frankly about our experiences and what’s in our mind.
Daddy Boot Camp is a unique father-to-father, community-based workshop that inspires and equips men to:
  • become confidently engaged with their infants
  • support their partners
  • personally navigate their transformation into dads.

In addition to fatherhood discussion, our Daddy Boot Camp integrates a section that focuses on some of the most fundamental topics from the National Fatherhood Initiative’s Doctor Dad program, which include:

  • feeding advice
  • treatment for cold symptoms
  • baby dehydration
  • burns
  • how to prevent choking.

Doctor Dad teaches men how to handle medical situations that may arise as their children grow. The purpose of the Daddy Boot Camp + Dr. Dad workshop is to comfort expectant fathers and get them prepared for the arrival of their newborn. If you are about to become a dad, we encourage you to register and take a step towards becoming the best dad you can possibly be!

We are re-imagining our Fatherhood events to provide fun activities to keep you safe at home. Stay tuned! 

Issues facing Summit County Fathers

    • The high cost of living in Summit County often results in fathers working over 40 hours, or long commute times, causing fathers to spend more time away from home.
    • Lack of parenting education on father-specific topics
    • Many fathers struggle to avoid the partying culture of Summit County.

Fatherhood Program Coordinator

Padres de Summit

Group for Fathers

  • The Padres de Summit program offers fathers a chance to get their kids out for a fun activity and meet other local dads.
  • Padres offers at-home activities like pinata craft kits, pumpkin carving kits, scavenger hunts, and more.
  • The group is free and open to all fathers living or working in Summit County.

Ways to Be a Good Dad

  • Be your kid’s biggest fan. Your children are waiting for you to give them praise and affirmation. Call out what they did right in their choices and actions, what you like best about them and the fact that you love them deeply.
  • Love your children. There is nothing so powerful as a father’s touch. A hug, a kiss on the head – can make a child feel safe and secure.
  • Listen to what your children are saying and to what they are not saying. Spend time listening to your children talk about their day. Ask them questions and listen to what they are not saying. Listening will only take a few minutes, but the impact will last a lifetime.
  • Make memories with your child. Do something simple, but something your children will always remember. Read the same story each night for a month, play a certain game each week, fix the same dinner or breakfast every Saturday.
  • Laugh with your children. Allow your children to find the joy in life that comes with innocence. Then laugh with your children in these moments and find the deepest joy in being a parent.