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Benefits of getting your kids and yourself outside

  • For more information about the benefits of getting your kids and yourself outside click below

Brain Development and Executive Function

  • Learn more about how brain development and executive function affects development and decision making in children and teens.

Improving Communication

Learn conversation starters, ways to improve communication with infants and toddlers, how to use empathy in communication and more.

Breathing & Mindfulness

  • BREATHE… JUST BREATHE… IN THE RUSH OF LIFE IT CAN BE HARD TO CALM DOWN AND EVEN HARDER TO TEACH OUR KIDS. Mindfulness can help you and your child calm down and focus better. Find strategies and a list of age-appropriate apps here:.

Vaping and Substance Abuse

  • You’re hearing a lot about tobacco, nicotine, and vaping. The best way to stop the addiction is to prevent kids from ever starting.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

  • Knowing their ABC’s, counting to 10, how to grip a pencil or crayon, and more can help your child feel ready for kindergarten.

Health and Nutrition

  • provides a wide variety of resources around nutrition including recipes and ways to talk about health.

Early Childhood Development Ages 0-3

  • The Zero to Three website offers resources for development, early learning and strengthening parent connections.

Talk to your kids about Marijuana

  • Learn about marijuana use, how to talk to your kids and affects on brain development.

Other Parent Resources

  • More information on cyber bullying, communication and more.

Virtual Parenting Workshop Library

Check out past virtual parenting workshops offered by FIRC