Ready to Rent Program

The Family & Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) is offering a new program to educate tenants on their responsibilities so they can be an ideal renter.

Course Objectives

The course is intended to improve the renter’s knowledge in the rental application process, and provide the necessary tools to help the renter find housing in Summit County’s competitive rental market.

This course will cover the major aspects of renting using the Ready to Rent curriculum. Ready to Rent is a housing readiness program for renters having difficulties finding housing due to their rental history, poor credit or criminal background. The course aims at providing participants with education, guidance, and resources to become successful renters.

The Ready to Rent program is a free 4-week class starting Wednesday, January 4 and will teach people how to:

  • accept responsibility for past rental issues
  • repair credit
  • create a workable budget
  • develop a housing search plan
  • understand the application and rental process
  • maintain appropriate housekeeping
  • communicate effectively with their landlord
  • fulfill their goal to become a successful renter.

Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Ready to Get Started/Solving Problems
a.    What landlords expect from me
b.    Identify challenges
c.    Housing priority game – needs vs. wants
d.    Create personal contract
e.    Review contracts
f.    Work stations

Week 2 – Ready to Prepare Finances
a.    Estimate current spending
b.    Determine income
c.    Planning for moving expenses
d.    Making a spending plan

Week 3 – Shopping for a Home
g.    Determine housing budget
h.    Affordability
i.    Roommates
j.    Finding rentals
k.    Making the calls

Week 4 – Ready to Settle In/Moving On
e.    My rental agreement
f.    Safety and maintenance of rental
g.    Successful tenancy
h.    Proper notice vs. eviction
i.    Recovering your deposits
j.    Move-out checklist


Background on the program

“The tenant education component will provide property owners with a higher degree of confidence that their rental property will be properly maintained and generate income as expected,” said Tamara Drangstveit, FIRC Executive Director. “ Hopefully this program will reassure landlords, who might otherwise lean towards renting on a short term basis, to consider longer term rentals.”

According to Michel Infante, FIRC Family Support Manager and instructor for the Ready to Rent Program, the most important thing people will learn in this course are the ways to appeal to landlords, especially in a competitive market.

“We will give people the education to be ideal tenants,” said Infante.  “The program helps people understand what landlords expect from a renter so they can pay rent on time, take care of the property, respect their neighbors, and understand the Tenant Landlord Law.”

For any person who has had issues renting because of their background or rental history, the program can give them tools and methods to alleviate these barriers to obtaining future housing.

“Many people don’t receive the proper education about how to be a good tenant and they make many assumptions that get them kicked out of their homes,” said Infante.  “We believe with education, we can help renters understand their responsibilities and rights.  We want to create successful renters so landlords have positive experiences and see the benefits of having long-term local renters.”

People who complete the six-week class will receive a certificate they can show to landlords. The goal is to keep Summit County employees living in Summit County and that starts with successful landlord/tenant experiences.

“The housing crisis in Summit County threatens the foundation of our community,” said Drangstveit.  “We want our families to be able to live where they work. As a community we need to try every possible solution to try and lessen the potential effects of the housing shortage.”

To sign up for the class or learn more contact Michel Infante at FIRC 970-455-0232 or email  For complete details visit

four-week class

Ready to Rent

Next class Wednesdays, August 23-September 13

  • Learn how to:
  • Review tenant rights and landlord responsibilities
  • Understand the application and rental process
  • Develop a Housing Search Plan
  • Create a realistic budget
  • Communicate effectively with landlords
  • Accept responsibility and overcome past rental issues
  • Identify negative behavior patterns