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FIRC’s Parenting Support focuses on helping parents overcome the challenges of raising a family in Summit County. Therefore, our programs aim to assist you with virtual home visits, resources, groups, and events to ensure families’ basic needs are met to help you thrive. 

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Virtual Home Visits

Virtual home visits

Parenting currently serves up to 100 local kids. For instance, with monthly virtual home visits for children ages zero through kindergarten. Firstly, the visits focus on improving the parent-child bond and giving parents tools to be the best possible teacher to their child. Secondly, there are no income restrictions for this program and most importantly, visits are offered in English and Spanish.

FIRC’s Parents as Teachers home visitation program provides information, support, and encouragement parents need. Therefore, they are able to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life.

For nearly 20 years FIRC’s Program has been offering one-on-one visits. Importantly, now virtually, using the nationally-recognized Parents as Teachers curriculum with the goal that all children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential. In conclusion, it works!

  • Development of motor, cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills through interactive games that the parent educator encourages the parent to do with their child
  • Nutrition with effects on mood and brain function
  • Health outcomes
  • Addresses common issues parents are facing
  • Parenting through COVID-19
  • School Readiness
  • Developmental Screening
  • Education and support for developmental challenges
  • Connection to resources
  • Improve the parent-child bond
  • Facilitate friendships
  • Support for parents struggling with stress
  • Navigating education in a virtual world
  • Desire to give your child the best start to life
  • Both parents working
  • No extended families in the area
  • Single parent
  • Limited childcare and conflicting schedules
  • Working 2 or more jobs
  • A child struggling with development or behavior
  • Setting routines and boundaries in a virtual world

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How FIRC's Virtual Home Visitation Program Works

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Receive virtual home visits
FIRC’s Parent Educators are trained to help you customize a program that works best for you and your family.
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Become your child's Best teacher
Virtually visit with your Parent Educator twice a month. Adapt the curriculum to your family’s needs.
Set & Achieve Goals With Your Child
FIRC will help you to set and achieve important goals in the development of your child.
Enter Kindergarten Ready
Enter kindergarten ready!
Regular virtual visits will help you. Prepare your child and ensure they enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Support & Resources

We use reliable resources to give parents relatable and real-life tips to support their children’s growth on a variety of topics.

Tips By Text

Parenting texts

Sign up to receive texts alert with parenting tips and to stay informed about FIRC’s parenting events. 

Parents who sign up for Text Support will receive a monthly alert for event opportunities.  For example, some of our events are designed  to provide a fun activity for fathers and their children to spend time together. 

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    Parenting Events & Groups

    Parenting isn’t easy. We work to provide a variety of workshops and courses to help parents learn. Subsequently, learning techniques and strategies to give their children the best start to life.

    Some of the most valuable learning from the workshops is connecting with other parents. For instance, giving parents a chance to discuss strategies and challenges that other families are also facing.

    Workshops are offered throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.

    Summit Fatherhood Events

    Want to be informed about the latest events in your area? Consider signing up to receive text alerts which helps to stay informed about local monthly events in your area.

    Families who sign up for Text Support will receive a monthly alert to event opportunities. These events are designed to provide a fun activity for fathers and their children to spend time together outside of their regular routine.

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      Summit County Head Start
      FIRC partners with Summit Head Start. Their mission is to prepare families for the future. They develop school readiness for all children by promoting education, health, self-sufficiency, and community.

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