Parenting Support

We know Summit County can be a difficult place to raise a family. The high cost of living combined with isolation from extended family can make it harder to afford basic needs and manage the challenges of parenting. We are here for you to provide support and resources to make your job a little easier.
Parenting  Support and Early Childhood Development

FIRC believes parents are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life. Through virtual home visits, parenting workshops and groups FIRC’s Families United program works to achieve the following:

  • Strengthen the bond between parents and children
  • Give parents the tools to be the best teacher to their children
  • Give children the best start to life
  • Education of positive parenting skills and child development
  • Enter kindergarten ready to learn
  • Encourage parent engagement throughout a child’s education

For more information on our parenting and early childhood development resources contact FIRC at 970-455-0226 or email

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Parenting Workshops

  • Octobers in Wednesday FIRC is offering parenting workshops to support parents with children ages 2-12 Visit the page for details.


Parenting Workshops

  • FIRC offers free virtual workshops on a variety of topics to support parents with children ages 0-12. Check our events calendar for upcoming dates. New topics are covered every month.


Virtual Home Visits

  • FIRC’s one-on-one virtual home visits are for parents with children ages 0-5. Parent educators work with families to build connections, achieve developmental milestones and prepare the child to enter kindergarten. Connection to resources is also a big part of this program. Participants must commit to two virtual connections a month.


Tips and Resources

  • We use reliable resources to give parents relatable and real-life tips to support your children’s growth on a variety of topics. Learn more about our parenting texts and our library of resources.


Parenting Groups

  • FIRC provides virtual parenting groups for fathers and Grupo de Apoyo ALMA for Spanish-speaking parents.

Our Community Parters

FIRC works closely with Building Hope, Summit County Youth and Family and Early Childhood Options to provide comprehensive support for parents and children of all ages.
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Building Hope Calendar of Events

Building Hope provides a variety of mental health supports including activities to build connections. Learn more on their site.
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CATCH After School and Summer Programs

The Keystone Science School and Breckenridge Rec Center provide excellent after school and summer options to keep kids active.
Head Start

Early Childhood Options