Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

Low Cost Insurance for children under 18
FIRC can help families and pregnant women apply for Medicaid and CHP+ (Child Health Plan Plus), Colorado’s free-to-low-cost health insurance programs.

CHP+ update as of February 2: CHP+ HAS BEEN FUNDED UNTIL 2024. All plans will continue without interruption from government spending.

Loss of CHP+ Next Steps 

If you have children 18 or younger, call FIRC at 970-455-0225. If you are pregnant, call Summit County Public Health at 970-668-9161.
Online through PEAK – if you have basic computer skills, we recommend setting up an account on the COLORADO PEAK website and applying through this site. Applications can be processed much faster in this way.
Income Qualifications: The maximum income to qualify is based on family size, so for example, a single person making $2,529 or less a month, or a family of four making $5,168 or less a month, may qualify. You must also be a citizen of the United States, or a Legal Permanent Resident for at least 5 years, to qualify for CHP+ or Family Medicaid.
Monthly Income Qualifications for CHP+
Family Size Monthly Income
1 $2,613
2 $3,519
3 $4,425
4 $5,330
5 $6,236
Possible Deductions: Keep in mind that in some cases you can deduct expenses like child care, insurance premiums, etc. from your income for the purposes of the application.
Other insurance coverage: If your children are currently without health insurance, you can apply right away. If your children are covered under a plan that you pay for entirely out-of-pocket, or if they are covered under your employer’s plan but the employer pays less than 50% of the premium, you can apply as soon as you have dropped your children from that insurance. If your children are under your employer’s plan and the employer pays 50% or more of the premium, they may still qualify and can apply as soon as you have dropped your children from that insurance. Please contact FIRC with any questions about how these requirements may affect your children’s eligibility. 970-455-0225.
How does CHP+ and Medicaid help? CHP+ and Medicaid are free-to-low cost health insurance programs for children, families, and pregnant women. They provide coverage for medical, dental and vision care as well as prenatal care for pregnant women.

What is the difference between CHP+ and Medicaid? The major difference between the two is that CHP+ is for children and pregnant women whose households earn too much to qualify for Medicaid. In some cases there is a small co-pay for CHP+, while Medicaid has none. When you apply you are screened for both programs and enrolled into the one you qualify for based on your income, as long as you do not earn more than the maximum for CHP+. Also, for families earning 100% of federal poverty level or less (for example, $1,838 per month for a family of four), Medicaid provides coverage for parents as well as children. Otherwise, both CHP+ and Medicaid cover only children and pregnant women.

Immediate Care Needed:
If your child needs to see a doctor right away, we can pre-screen your application and if we are certain that you qualify provide a card that grants “presumptive eligibility,” which gives your child temporary coverage for 45 days while your application is being processed. We are only able to do this when we are very sure that you will qualify and when you have a child with an urgent medical need. FIRC is available and happy to answer any questions you may have regarding CHP+ or Medicaid.

Items to Bring to your Appointment (please bring as much as possible)

  • Birth certificates or passports for all applicants
  • Applicant/non-applicant address information (Document has to have the address on it, PO Boxes will not be considered.
  • Social security number for all applying
  • Government Identification – Driver’s license, etc.,
  • Pay stubs of all dependents, spouse and applicant (at least the last 3 months)
  • W-2 forms (if self employed you should bring your W-9)
  • Verification of other income (pension, retirement, investments, etc.)
  • Information about current health insurance (if applicable)
  • Information about job-related insurance you may qualify for (even if you’re not enrolled for it.)

FIRC can help by verifying your citizenship and identity documents so that you do not have to send the originals in with your application. We can also check your application for common mistakes to make sure that if you qualify, your application is accepted the first time. Once we have done this we can send in your application for you to the CHP+/Medicaid program and then help you with any problems that may arise during the process. It takes 30-45 days for a CHP+/Medicaid application to be processed, so it’s critical to have everything right the first time.

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