You’re hearing a lot about tobacco, nicotine, and vaping. The best way to stop the addiction is to prevent kids from ever starting.

Protecting your Child from Second Hand Smoke

  • Secondhand smoke threatens our children.Secondhand smoke comes from lit cigarettes and cigars. It also comes from smoke breathed out by smokers. When children breathe secondhand smoke, it is like they are smoking, too.

The best way to end teen smoking and tobacco addiction: Stop teens from ever starting.

  • Keep Today’s Kids from Becoming Tomorrow’s Smokers. Two thirds of people who try a cigarette become daily smokers,3 and nine out of 10 adult smokers start by age 18.

Parenting Workshops

  • FIRC provides parenting workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Check out upcoming workshops.

Early Childhood: Protect your children from exposure to second-hand smoke




Primary Grades and Teens: Keep Today’s Kids from Becoming Tomorrow’s Smokers